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Johnson Five Publishing is the non-traditional publishing forum of Sunshine Marie Network that provides publishing, updates, news and events relating to Sunshine Marie Network and its subsidiaries as well as its clientele.


J. Hastye Consulting, LLC Case Study: From a Blank Canvas to Contemporary Responsive Solution

Website address: http://www.jhastyeconsulting.com Project Date: May 2018 Project Type: Launch Website. In need of logo. In need of customer contact solution. The Request: New logo creation. New contemporary but simple and sleek website with ease of customer contact. Preferred colors of purple, black or gold. The Solution: A new logo was hand crafted with 3 different options and 2 …

Registered Copyright Notice-International Money Gang

Type of Work: Visual Material Registration Number / Date: VAu001307768 / 2017-10-26 Application Title: International Money Gang. Title: International Money Gang. Description: Electronic file (eService) Copyright Claimant: Rickares V Heyward, 1975- . Address:  Honolulu, HI, 96819, United States. Date of Creation: 2017 Authorship on Application: Rickares V Heyward, 1975- ; Domicile: United States; Citizenship: United …